Timber Picture Frames
Factory Frames

Timber Picture Frames

I'm obsessed with these frames.

Why? Well, firstly, timber is my new favourite obsession when it comes to framing. The character and uniqueness of the wood can't help but enhance your art!

Secondly, it is made in New Zealand by Factory Frames! I just love the fact that where everyone is moving off shore, these guys are sticking to their guns! Bringing so many jobs to our economy.

Thirdly, Being NZ Made, you know it's gonna be good. These bad boys will be top quality, and won't slowly fall apart like your other counterparts!

Fourthly, having a larger frame that accounts for a matt means more wall space is being covered which makes your art that much more special. No poster frames around here, that's student life right there, and we don't want that do we?

We have chosen a lovely off white matt colour, and custom cut them specifically for our art. It has a lovely little grain running through it. When you choose your frame from below, you will also be getting this matt with your purchase!