The Shop

Hi! We are Sarah and Rose of The Bread and Butter Letter. Nice to meet you. We are two friends who share a passion for quirky and modern design, of things old and new, and more importantly; we share a love child – a boutique we have created full of carefully curated New Zealand made goodies, and hand selected vintage clothing. It is a colourful concept store that brings quirky-loving customers in, and keeps them in while they explore all of the little lovelies the store sells.
The Bread and Butter Letter is a carefully curated boutique that sells the best of NZ design alongside charming vintage clothing and tea. The store gives an unique shopping experience, where the buyer can enjoy a fine curation of alternative objects and feel great about purchasing from 100% local suppliers from a 100% independently owned and operated store. Our suppliers are the best artists and designers on the NZ craft scene, selling quirky and unique jewelry, accessories, stationary, gifts, cards and homeware. 
You can see some of our charming products in our online store, but there are more one off items in our physical store, so you must come over!


The Bread and Butter Letter opened in early 2011 in a quaint and sunny spot in Eden Terrace, New Zealand. Though, Sarah dreamed about it well before then, as she moved into the flat above and loved exploring the idea of filling the beautifully historic terraced building with a fun project. Sarah then asked her new, but like-minded friend Rose to come on board, and the planning begun! Vintage clothes were sourced, handmade craft was found from all across the country, and the bottomless teapot was left out for customers to enjoy with a pile of board games to play.
Sarah and Rose saw progress and profit each year, which meant they were constantly working on growing and evolving. In late 2012, the girls found a much larger and central location on Aucklands’ vibrant and quirky K’ Road. Not long after, the lease was signed, the shop was completely rennovated, and opened by March, 2013. Distributed between three levels, the girls now have a whole lot more space for growth, a large office and others to rent out to other creatives, and a white bricked basement to house events.
Rose and Sarah have enjoyed the opportunity to host events; The pop up craft and vintage markets, Twice As Nice which has found a home in Queens Wharf’s The Cloud on numerous occasions. Nana Nights, an evening of music and craft in the beautifully historic St Kevin’s Arcade. And the very popular and seasonal Auckland Clothes Swap that promotes the community to recycle clothing.
But what is A Bread and Butter Letter you may be asking yourself? We get asked this daily. Simply put, it is the name of a thank you letter that one would write following a night of hospitality. Sarah found the phrase in an antique book about etiquette. Sarah loved the collection of the words and how it sounded, so then named her blog and continued with the name into the creation of the shop.
The Bread and Butter Letter is Sarah and Rose’s main focus. Their nine-to-five. It is the fusion of all of their passions and aesthetic vision come to life. It is what started this whole journey.
Visit us at 225 K’ Road, Newton, Auckland. We would love to meet you xx



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