The Bread and Butter Letter is looking for "the one". The right person who will be many things, but definitely;

- A people person
- Someone with initiative, 
- 'An Ideas Person'
- 'A Details Person'
- Someone who loves vintage and good design
- Has had retail experience

The role is for:

- 3 - 5 set days 
- After training, you will go on a living wage
- Sole charge, so you will be responsible for knowing and being able to do any and everything about the store. It can be a very managerial role.

What we think you will like about it:

- A small, friendly team with lots of staff nights
- Sale commissions and staff accounts
- A sweet discount for you and a less-sweet-but-still-good discount for your friends
- You will learn how small businesses operate 

More specifically:
- Opening and closing
- Cash handling
- Facilitating sales
- Customer services and reconciliations
- Online sale fulfillment's
- Receiving stock
- Stock takes
- Pricing
- Dabbling in visual merchandising
- Dabbling in ordering

What we really hope for:

- We want someone who can commit to our team. Training can take months, so someone who sees this as a somewhat long term role will be chosen
- Someone who is equally balanced in creativity and admin
- Really reliable and trustworthy
- But mostly, you will be a charming confident person who loves being with others. You will make anyone and everyone feel incredibly respected and listened to.

We would need you to start within 2 - 4 weeks.

If this sounds like you, email with your CV. HINT: We have a history of hiring people with interesting CV's so spruce it up - we want to know what kind of person you are.