Open For Business

It is official! We are finished and we are open. Wow. That is really good to say. Like, really good! 

Wanna see some pictures of our store? Yeah? Okay!

That peg wall to the right is our pride and joy - it was really hard to make, but we had a great design and building team who were able to make it work. Let's see it up close!

It is going to be great for us, as we always have really differing product in, and the flexibility of the system will make it a breeze for us. Say, we have a large vase in, we can simply remove the above shelf. If we have a large collection we would like to display, we can join two shelves together. It is the best!

We have an awesome new addition to the store - TEA! And can I say, really delicious, organically certified tea. But more about this later!
How great is the white steel cabinet my mum found on trademe? It's amazing what a coat o' paint can do, huh?

In our last store, we never had enough space for prints, but we so enjoy having them that we decided we would devote a whole wall to A3 and A4 prints. I don't know about you, but I am loving unframed works right now. In home or office! The casual-ness of something being simply put up looks awesome.

We got these racks made for us - they are made from industrial piping. We love the edge it brings to the shop!

Our products are really looking awesome in the new space. J'adore!

We are also doing a fun wee thing where we are going to try out featuring local designers - they have there own special rack covered in roses (so you know it's good!) Right now we are stocking a brand called Tea Leaf from young and fresh designer Olivia Huitema who is also an architect! I know, what a babe.

Well that is it from us for now, but there will be more in time I'm sure. But te best way to see it is in real life - come on down! 225 Karangahape Road.

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