Strawberry & Cream Soda Syrup
Six Barrel Soda

Strawberry & Cream Soda Syrup

Um, it's amazing.

Soda syrup is one of the best inventions because essentially the Wellington geniuses, Six Barrell Soda, have bottled up flavour. The way you want to use this flavour is up to you! Dilute it with hot water, soda water, still water, sparkling water - but why stop there? Put it in your next cocktail, pour it over you ice-cream, mix it in with icing.. WHY NOT, RIGHT?!

- Makes around 15 servings
- Seasonal flavour, so get in quick!
- Tastes like a less sweet version of the lollies
- Made from lots of real strawberries, Heilala vanilla and fresh lemon juice.