Olive & Yellow Fritter Earrings
Elise Brimer

Olive & Yellow Fritter Earrings

I, personally, can't think of anything better than fritters hanging off my earlobes. Call it jazzy, call it alternative, call it the greatest product of 2017. 

Despite being dubbed 'fritter earrings' these also kinda remind me of colourful, spotty clouds. I'm a big fan of this. 

They are made from lightweight polymer and the fixings are surgical stainless steel (good for sensitive ears - speaking from experience!). It's recommended to keep these away from moisture but if they do need a lil' spruce up then you can use a make up wipe to clean them. Easy peasy!


The fritter measures 7cm at it's widest point, and 5cm at it's greatest height. 

These are handmade in Wellington by the lovely Elise Brimer!