Gift Wrapping Service

Gift Wrapping Service

Everyone loves opening a present!

Whether it's just one item, or your large and full cart, simply add this service to your order and you're good to go!

You may want to purchase the boutique paper from Wild Wagon and Co for us to use, or you may enjoy our standard Kraft with a lovely metallic paper ribbon.

- If you have multiple gifts in your parcel, please specify if anything needs to be wrapped seperately otherwise we will assume you would like them all together
- All ribbon options are free!
- Feel free to suggest what ribbon or bow you would like from our selection, but if not specified in the note section, we will choose what we think will best suit the paper and the gift. Ribbons come and go out of stock too, so do keep that in mind!
- We will remove all prices and not include an invoice or anything, so your gift is good to go!
- Please also note, that though we are master wrappers, we cannot guarentee its condition upon arrival through the world of the Big Bad Post! We haven't had a complaint thus far however