Priscilla Hunter Silver Jewelry

We are so, so, so, (SO, SO, SO) happy to introduce you to our newest artisan supplier, Priscilla Hunter!

This young lady is a fantastic artist from Auckland who has just recently discovered a passion for sterling silver jewelry. And aren't we glad that she did!

Her Bone Collection is beautifully hand made; understated and delicate, yet somehow also chunky and heavy. I would keep harping on, but I think it'll be better to just show you what I'm talking about..

There are heaps more designs, so be sure to check them all out here! They will be in store first thing Saturday morning.

On another note, she has beautifully re-decorated our window with this cool mexican-kitsch theme, and we (Anyone else coveting the bunnies bone boho tie?!)

So go over to her Facebook page and give her a friendly 'like', and be sure to pop in and try some of Aucklands freshest sterling silver jewelry, exclusive (for now) to The Bread and Butter Letter!

Hope you have a lovely weekend