Listen To What We're Listenin' To!

Are you wanting to explore some new tunes? We thought we should let you know that we have a spotify account that is rocking the latest hits that we are loving right now, and listening to in store!

For example, Rose has made a playlist called 'Girl Buzz' that is a mixture of girl vocalists with rockin' semi-electronic-without-being-electronica bands! Artists like New Zealanders Lips and Lorde, also Lykke Li and Ms Mrs, etc. 

And Sarah has made a nice Winter Warmer playlist from all New Zealand artists from new New Zealand albums that is relaxed and soulful! With artists like Tiny Ruins, The Ruby Suns, and Deer Park!

Our other shop girls are in the middle of making their playlists, but I bet Robecca from Sans Pareil Clothing will make a rocking 90s playlist with all the hits. ALL THE HITS!

Follow thebreadandbutterletter on spotify, or listen to 'Girl Buzz' here.

What new music are you loving right now? Would love to hear from you!

x R