Upcoming Markets

Sarah and I have been so busy this month as we are gearing up towards a market-heavy week!

The Bread and Butter Letter is one of The Auckland Art and Craft Fairs' main sponsors. The market is the most popular and exciting craft market in all of New Zealand - known for it's heavily populated shoppers, the most stalls, and high quality and quirky craft! And we are just thrilled to sponsor it, as one of our main values and goals as a shop and business is to encourage and support the already buzzing craft community. This market is amazing at that, and we love that we can help out.

We also have a stall space at the store! We stupidly told the crowd at Creative Mornings (when we were guest speakers!!) that our goal was to fill it out with items we make under our own house brand Jam. Don't get me wrong, it has always been a goal of ours, and we are thrilled to it, BUT telling your goals to 100+ people make you really have to put your head down and not back out! (I recommend it to all of you needing to see something done!)

So, Sarah and I have been designing, planning, making, printing our lil' butts off! Without giving too much away, we have candles, totes, tea towels and cards ready to go for our stall, and more products coming post-fair! Here's a picture of some candles that we are making:

Just a couple of days before that, on Thursday night, the 27th of June, we will also have a stall at one of our favourite and most underratted markets, Fraft! Fraft is a fantastic craft + farmers market run on a school night, so you know it's good! They have live music and all the stall profits go to projects in the third world. What's not to love? Be sure to check it out! More details here:

More markets to be announced!

Hope to see you there, and would love to hear what you think about some of our new range