Opening Party

We cannot believe that it has only been three months since we opened! It feels like both yesterday and forever ago we opened our doors! We wanted to share about our opening party.

At the time it felt like an un-realist goal, seeing as the day before there were was still painting to do and all of the product to put out, but we managed it and after finishing all the final touches 15 minutes before, friends, family and a few VIPers started walking through the doors. Luckily 15mins is all we needed to slap on some make-up and throw on an outfit that wasn't covered in paint!

We were ever so lucky to have Karma Cola (Sarah's latest addiction) as one our wonderful sponsor for the evening. Our guests could choose from their Organic Cola or their zingy Gingerella. Both went down an absolute treat and I know many of our friends and family are now addicted too!

Also available were some delicious ices teas from Informal Tea, who we now stock in store. Their Fresh Mint and Berry Etc teas are so delicious iced as well as cold and went down a real treat on such a muggy night.

Macaroons made by our dear friend Dave Parker (who also helped us endlessly renovating the shop) were scattered around the store for anyone with a sweet tooth (which turned out to be everyone). Dave has made 3 flavours; Mint and Blueberry, Salted Caramel and Chocolate, it was much debated which was the best flavour.

We tried our best to take as many pictures as we could but to be honest we were on such a rush from finally seeing the shop complete, seeing all our friends and family, and also getting increasingly nervous for opening day the next morning, that pictures were the last thing we thought of doing!

One of our girl crushes, Amanda from Here Comes the Sun joined us on the night, with her husband Jeremy.

In the red shirt, the Macaroon making genius/handy man.

You can't see her face but in the Stripes is the bubbly Jess from Foxes and also part-master mind from amazing events, such as The Auckland Art and Craft Fair, and First Thursdays! Jess and her daughter Grace were loving the iced teas. Also seen in the background is Jamie Lee from the Made and Found Market and Thieves Like Us.

Laura Forest and Elliot from 326 Prints. Laura will be moving into one of our studio spaces upstairs, we are so excited to have her as one of the Dreamers in our Dream Studios! 

Ellie, the brains behind Extra Curricular and brand Miss Ellie May was diggin' the Gingerella. Speaking of Extra Curricular, Issue 11 came out just the other day!

It was so wonderful to have Kim aka Wild Bramble along at our opening! She was there at our first opening 2 years ago (along with Ellie) and working in our old shop with us, so it was such a treat to have her at the new opening and helping us celebrate again.


Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the opening party, we had an amazing time! I hope your sugar hang-over wasn't too intense!


Sarah and Rose 

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