Gift Guide; For The Cute One

Our shop is pretty cutsie, we gotta admit! So, if you're struggling with what to buy for your animal-lovin', tea-drinkin', cross-stitchin' loved one, here's a wee list of cool things they would like!

1. Doggy Wreath Wall Decal
2. Red Babushka Necklace by Craft Me Up
3. Bunny Brooch by JHD
4. Wishlist Notepad by Ragdoll Illustrations
5. Oil Cloth Lunch Bag by Craft Me Up
6. Large Ceramic Cup by Porcelain Rove
7. Peach and Sweet Persimmon Candle by NZ Aromatherapy Company
8. Washi Tape by Old Mill Road
9. Laser Cut Doiley Clock by JHD


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